“I’m sick of sharing”

I came across a frustrated Jeremy Zawodny who was lamenting the many many uses of the word "share" in this Web 2.0 world:

More precisely, I’m sick of being told to "share" every damned piece of "content" I run across on the Web.
It seems to me that "share" has been abused into such a generic term, that I have no idea what’s going to happen when I click on of those "share" links. The things I’ve seen to date are:

  • pop-up that pisses me off
  • a login page appears (WTF?!)
  • new page loads (in a tab), resizes firefox, and pisses me off (*cough* YouTube *cough*)
  • an in-line form appears
  • my email client pops up
  • I’m taken to a page that with a To:, Subject:, and Body fields along with instructions for posting on my blog
  • I’m taken to a page that explains how to embed a Flash widget on MySpace

I’m sure there are other "sharing" behaviors I’ve yet to encounter. Some probably involve various IM clients. And SMS. And carrier pigeons.

I had to laugh when I read this post. It seems that "share" has become the buzz word for the Web 2.0 world. Every application is an opportunity to share some form of content, whether it be photos, videos or your wardrobe choices (there is actually a site that can do this, I just don’t recall the name). Initially this concept of sharing was a great paradigm shift for the evolving web space but it has come to lose its meaning and freshness through over-use. So yes, much of Web 2.0 is about sharing but let’s give the word a break for a little while?

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