WordPress revisited

Some of you may know that my main business site runs on MovableType.  I chose MT specifically because I have had a really good experiences with TypePad.  Lately it seems that my site isn’t working too well on the back-end and my efforts to find a solution haven’t been very successful.  I must just point out that the problem most likely lies in the installation itself and not with MT (I probably buggered something up) and there is probably a simple solution to my problems which has so far evaded me.

I have started thinking about moving that site across to WordPress, if anything because I am more comfortable with WordPress and I know how to upgrade it and add stuff to it without destroying it.  The WordPress vs MovableType debate has been raging for a while now and will continue to rage on for a long time to come.  For me it is coming down to whether I can maintain the day to day running of the site fairly comfortably or whether I have to delve into complex manuals to do it and WordPress seems to be a better option for me from that perspective.

On the other hand I wonder if MT isn’t perhaps technically superior to WP and more likely to survive some kind of calamity?  I don’t want to go to the effort (and likely expense) moving to WP for a short term benefit only to find that MT was the better option.

If only I could map my domain to TypePad, I’d just move my site here …   






What do you think?

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