Drives me nuts!

Pamela Slim has a post titled "Top 5 nitpicky mistakes made by new entrepreneurs that drive me crazy" which I found quite entertaining.  I also found myself going through my sites in my mind as I read her post to see which of these 5 "nitpicky mistakes" I have been making.  Here is the abbreviated list (it is really worth visiting the site to read the full post):

  1. Sharing an email address with your spouse (I really don’t see the point of this unless neither you or your spouse send much more than the 3 emails a year to your crazy aunt Merle in Alaska);
  2. Not having complete information on your "Contact Me" page of your website;
  3. Not having your picture anywhere on your website or blog (there are quite a few blogs that don’t have photos of their authors and I never really considered this to be a bad thing … perhaps I was wrong);
  4. Not including an email signature with your contact info; and
  5. Not including enough information in the "About Us" page of a website.

The common thing that tends to drive me a little dilly is when I see businesses that use an email address at their local ISP’s domain, especially when those businesses have their own website and therefore their own domain.  An example is where Joe’s Plumbers (made it up) has an email address like "" and also has a website at "".  That is just lazy and a failure to take advantage of the simple marketing tool of your own domain.  And if you haven’t registered your own domain, chat to your technical guy and get him to do it for you.  It shouldn’t cost you much more than R200 for a year for a local domain.

So what bugs you?

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