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One of the characteristics of the so-called “Web 2.0” age we are living in at the moment that distinguishes it from the dot-Com boom of the late 1990s is the use of new technologies to address real needs. Often those needs are not new and technology is simply applied in an effort to find an innovative way to address those needs.

HouseBlogs is an interesting site. It is a service aimed at people who do home improvements: is a community-powered home improvement publication. Everything here is contributed by real people (like you) with a passion for homes and home improvement.

You can use this site to:
– Find people with similar homes, taste, or challenges via our community.
– Follow along as people renovate their homes by reading the latest blog entries.
– Get help with a DIY problem by asking a question or searching our discussion board.
– Show off your own house by adding photos to your member profile.
– Share your own home improvement adventures–start your own houseblog!

What I really like about this service is that you are not required to create a new blog on HouseBlogs. Rather you are invited to list your blog and provide your blog’s feed which then goes into HouseBlogs. It is a really simple and, yet, really intelligent way of bringing similar people together into a community of shared interests.

I know someone who is building her own cottage and has started blogging about it. There is clearly a need for this sort of service which is, effectively, an aggregation of home improvement information presented clearly and in a very user-friendly way. What better community for other people who are either building their homes, are improving their homes or who have an interest in home improvement generally?

(Source: TechCrunch)

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