Featured business of the week: iTaP Systems

This is a post in a series of posts featuring solo and small businesses in South Africa.  The intention is to introduce these businesses and the people behind them and reveal their passion.

iTaP Systems
, according to Philips Jannasch, the person behind iTaP Systems, is –

"a small cost consulting firm that installs cost recovery software mainly for attorneys and accountants at this stage although anyone can utilize our services. Our software not only allows the firm to bill outside clients but assist in the accurate billing to cost centre’s  that makes the distribution of expenses between partners very easy and equitable."

Day to day costs can have a pretty serious impact on your business over time and if you are not careful to track them, you could find yourself having spent quite a bit of money on costs that have become irrecoverable.  These costs largely comprise the costs that you don’t notice as much, for example phone calls, faxes, photocopies and more.  While professional firms pass most, if not all, of their larger costs on to their clients as disbursements (attorneys, for example, pass Advocate’s fees on to clients), smaller items like the odd fax, phone call or ten page photocopy tend to add up and represent a fair share of a firm’s expenditure each month.

While some of these costs are for office use and should probably not be passed on to clients, most of those charges are incurred in the process of doing work for a client and it is only fair that the client bear those costs unless, of course, you have taken a conscious decision not to charge clients for these expenses you incur.

iTaP Systems provides a range of facilities and services to help you track and allocate those costs.  Typically these sorts of systems are set up between you and your phone/fax/copy machine and you are required to punch in a code (usually) to access the machine and/or select a client or matter from your list to allocate that cost to.  Once you get used to having to go through the system or allocate items to specific clients this sort of system could really help you save a lot more money and reduce the time you would have spent allocating these costs days or weeks after you incurred them.

For more information regarding the the iTaP product suites, or to discuss opportunities to resell iTaP solutions, please contact them using the following:

Tel: +27 (0) 21 949 3970
Fax: +27 (0) 86 614 0005
Email: info (at) itapsystems (dot) com

You can also contact Philip at philip (at) itapsystems (dot) com

As an side, I was asked why I format email addresses of featured people like this.  The answer is pretty simple.  If I type out the full address there is a good chance the email address will be misappropriated and subjected to large amounts of spam by automated spam systems that scan the web for new addresses to add.

If you would like me to feature your business, drop me a line with information about your business and tell me why you are passionate about it.  That is what really interests me.






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