Meet Scrybe and forget Google Calendar/Backpack

I have written about Google Calendar and what a powerful it can be, notwithstanding its shortcomings. Well, that was then. The Next Big Thing (ok, a little dramatic but it could well be) is a web application called Scrybe. For starters, take a look at this sneak peak video and then, once you have caught your breath, read a bit further …

As you have gathered, Scrybe is a web based organisation application. It is a calendar, task list, notepad and more that you can access using your web browser both when you are online and offline and that is one of the aspects of this amazing tool that immediately distinguishes it from web applications like Google Calendar.

One of the many innovations in Scrybe is that the various aspects of it are contextual. It isn’t clear from the video exactly what this means but the post on Download Squad suggests that all related items will be presented together, in context:

… So if you’re working in your calendar, you can fly up to a year view, or dig down all the way to a day view, and all of the related information is intelligently displayed so that you never lose track of where you are. Watching the video on their site, you immediately get a feeling of "that just makes sense". Google Calendar is good, but doesn’t appear to be as good as this.

I just took a look at the first video that was published on YouTube and this video clarifies Scrybe’s contextual characteristics. There are options to view the larger context of, for example, tasks and other items and see what else relates to those categories or topics. If, for example, you have a task relating to a project you are involved in and want to take a look at what else you have to do for that project, you can click on an option in a drop down menu and be shown all the tasks that relate to that project. It seems that you could contextualise all your items (tasks, events and notes) and perhaps take a broad overview of everything relating to that project.

The ability to draw data in from a variety of sources and create fairly intuitive task lists and then be able to organise those task lists into different categories is fantastic. I feel that the absence of task lists in Google Calendar is disappointing and prevents Google Calendar from being a true companion to Gmail in the personal organiser space.

The Scrybe notepad is really a sort of smart web clipping service that enables you to grab bits of content on web sites and elsewhere and capture them into newspaper like columns for easy review and editing. This is a brilliant way to hang on to and organise those little bits of information that you may want to put into a list of possible gifts or perhaps even a collection of content to be incorporated into a blog posting. The applications of this ‘notepad’ are pretty diverse.

There is an interesting feature for people who prefer to print their schedules or take a part of them with them in their wallets or back pockets. What Scrybe enables you to do is print out an extract of your schedule (or presumably anything in Scrybe) in a wallet or pocket format that folds up pretty easily and simply into something that is pretty manageable and user friendly. I can see a use for this for myself as I often want to take my shopping list away on paper or perhaps print an event reminder because it may contain directions or notes I may need in the car.

Quite a lot is made about Scrybe’s synchronisation capabilities and not much is actually said about how this will work and across which platforms. This is going to be an important feature set for me because I would like to see how (and whether) Scrybe will allow me to take events in iCal and transfer them to and from Scrybe and allow me to keep both in sync. Of course the same question applies to Outlook and other organisers. Other things to be revealed will be Scrybe’s sharing capability. This is something else that interests me, even if it is related to synchronisation.

At the moment Scrybe is not yet available to the public although you can sign up for a beta account. Scrybe is expected to launch some time this month (which ends next week).

(Source: Download Squad)

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