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Yes indeedy, we want you to be part of the chilibean hotness. As you know, we are fanatical about the new media space and the web space generally. We are also excited about the developing new media industry here in South Africa and would like to spread the joy.

We know there are many new media companies out there (and companies doing great stuff in the new media space in South Africa) and we would be thrilled if you would let us know who you are and what you are doing. We intend running a regular feature on chilibean about you and what you are doing so why not give me or Victoire a shout and we’ll tell the world (or the portion of it that visits chilibean) about you and your cool work.

If you are asking yourself what the catch is, well, there is one. We would like you to spread the link love and link back to us. If that is ok? If not, that’s ok too. We just want to know about you and tell other people about you.

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By Paul

Enthusiast, writer, Happiness Engineer at Automattic. I take photos too. Passionate about my wife, Gina and #proudDad.

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