Featured business of the week: Bartsells4u

This is a post in a series of posts featuring solo and small businesses in South Africa.  The intention is to introduce these businesses and the people behind them and reveal their passion.

Ross and Muriel Bartholomew run Bartsells4u out of Cape Town.  So what do they do?  When I asked Bart about his business he sent me the following:

Do you want to be able to feel confident about what you can do with CorelDRAW? Do you wish you had the confidence to tackle any graphics design job fearlessly?

Ross Bartholomew started using CorelDRAW 15 years ago with CorelDRAW 2! He has had extensive experience with the programme, particularly in the printing industry, and he can help you move up to that next level. Whether you are looking for basic training in the software to get you up and running or need more advanced assistance, he can help you. He can also show you some great short cuts that will make your experience of CorelDRAW much more than you bargained for.

Bart told me that the things that get him out of bed in the morning and into the office include the drive to enjoy the work he does.  He loves working with CorelDRAW and, like me, finds the opportunities presented by what he calls the "vast scope" of the Web enticing.  He made a simple and yet important observation when he pointed out to me that each day is a new day and an opportunity for something new.

A strong motivating force behind Bart’s (and I suspect Muriel’s too) efforts is the desire to achieve financial freedom using the opportunities presented by the Internet and to eventually take what he has learned to help others achieve the same thing.  I am curious how many people have this as their ultimate goal.  I am looking forward to seeing how this series of posts sheds light on what really motivates solo and small business owners in South Africa.

In addition to CorelDRAW training, Bart and Muriel also sell African craft made by South African craftsmen as well as craftsmen from Lesotho, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

If you would like to chat to Bart further, you can contact him on his mobile at 084-557-5301 or via email on ross (at) bartsells4u dot com.






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