The tremendous value of Technorati

I have mentioned Technorati a couple times before. It is a site that every person with an Internet presence should bookmark and use daily. Steve Rubel over at Micro Persuasion has a post in which he takes a look at how you can get the most out of Technorati feeds.

As I mentioned in a prior post, Technorati has integrated RSS feeds throughout the system. I can’t underscore how invaluable this is. It’s making me smarter about the topics I care about. Here’s a bunch of tips that you might find helpful. (Technorati is an Edelman partner.)

I agree with Rubel that you just can not understate the importance of Technorati in today’s Web. Technorati basically tracks blogs and what they are saying about other blogs and sites. This is something that should be important to you irrespective of whether you actually blog or not. If you care what people are saying about your company, you will use Technorati. Consider for a moment what Technorati has to say about this humble blog. Here is a sample:

If you want to see what people have been saying about you (and in a word of mouth network of around 55 million blogs, word can travel pretty fast and news of your exploits could really come back to bite you) then a good way to find out is to run a search for posts about your site. Here is a sample of what people have been saying about chilibean:

One of the big features in Technorati is its widespread use of cutomisable feeds for a range of search results and options. It is easy to create watchlists comprising a variety of search terms which you can then subscribe to so when posts are published that match your search criteria, your feed will be updated. You can also run searches for what people are saying about various topics and limit those search results to what the more authoritative blogs are saying and, in the process find out what some of the more significant views are.

The bottom line is that this is the service to use if you want to find out what is going on out there. Take a look at Rubel’s post for more ways you can use Technorati to great effect.

(Source: Lifehacker)

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