Social networking in your business

Christopher Carfi of the Social Customer Manifesto has a great post detailing ways you can use social networking in your business.  The whole idea is to use these technologies to help you achieve some of your business or organisational goals that much more effectively and efficiently.  Take a look at this list and then go read the full post:

  1. Customer and Member Relationship Development
  2. Customer Support (Connecting The Customer With The Right Resource)
  3. Use The Network To Find An Expert Or Locate Implicit Knowledge
  4. Ease Post-Acquisition Integration
  5. Provide The "Whole Product"
  6. Understand And Visualize The Actual Communication Paths Within The Organization
  7. Supercharge Meeting Facilitation And Preparation
  8. Increasing The Value And Extend The "Shelf Life" Of Conferences
  9. Pull Together The "All-Star Team" That’s Right For This Customer
  10. Share Knowledge
  11. Differentiate Your Service With Brand You
  12. Prepare For Coming Demographic Changes In Business

While there is quite a bit of hype about social networking and all the cools things you can do with the underlying technologies, there are many solid business applications for these technologies.  A good example of this is a blog.  Blogs are part of the social networking phenomenon and have proven to be valuable tools.

As an aside, if you, like me, are a fan of The Cluetrain Manifesto, then you should subscribe to the Social Customer Manifesto.  Carfi’s blog takes Cluetrain a couple steps further and shows you how you can implement the many brilliant ideas explained in Cluetrain.

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