The problem with being an entrepreneur

Ben Botes has an interesting post about why being the entrepreneur can be a challenge for your business.  The ten reasons are the following:

  1. Can’t focus, lots of ideas, runs in circles.
  2. Not good with details.
  3. Feel odd, different, alone, strange.
  4. Good at starting business, bad at running them.
  5. Chaos reigns in the company.
  6. They fail. And fail again.
  7. They exaggerate and are too optimistic.
  8. Always at the edge financially.
  9. Family of the entrepreneur suffers.
  10. Sales dip.

It is a good idea to acknowledge where you may need to work a little harder to address these challenges.  It is ironic that when you start out, especially as a solo business owner, you are required to wear many hats to run the business properly and yet that may not be the best thing for your business. 

If you find that you are weak in certain areas (for my part, accounting can be my kryptonite) then either expand your knowledge or find someone who can prop you up, whether that person be an employee, partner or just a service provider.  I find that if I surround myself with good people skilled in different areas I learn more and those aspects of my business are better taken care of.

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