Ted Kennedy supports Net Neutrality

Ted Kennedy has voiced his support for Net Neutrality in a video on YouTube.  Kennedy explains the importance of Net Neutrality in this short video clip which is worth watching.

It is important to realise that everyone who uses services that originate in the United States will be affected if the telecommunication companies behind efforts to establish restrictions on Internet traffic are successful.  As Martin pointed out in a comment to my post "Internet companies join the net neutrality debate":

This is a much more critical issue than most people realise. Ultimately, US legislation will have a substantial effect on the internet worldwide, not just over there.

It’s definitely worthwhile voicing our support for neutrality wherever/whenever we can, although I’m not sure how much effect we can have as "foreigners"…

So make your voice heard however you can.  Resist efforts to control the Internet, it is in your best interests.  Make sure you know the facts and not the hype.  The Internet should be free of interference.  It is virtually an essential service in this connected age.

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