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I have gotten so carried away with YouTube that I haven’t made the time to explore the content available on Google Video beyond what I have found on the front page.  So this evening I dug a little deeper and found an awesome cache of videos with really interesting topics and featuring some personalities I really respect.  The "video store" is called "Videos from the Googleplex" and is definitely worth checking out:

In addition to helping distribute content from across the world, Google would like to share videos featuring our company. The videos on this page give you an overview of our culture, products and business. Whether it’s a scientist discussing their latest work or one of our campus events, we hope to provide a sample of great conversations and presentations. Over time we’ll continue to add more videos "From the Googleplex."

One gem I am busy downloading now for my iPod is a talk given by famed philanthropist and investor, George Soros on the topic of "The Age of Fallibility", also the name of a recent book which criticises the US government and its policies in recent years.

The whole series looks fascinating and I have to remind myself about my bandwidth cap otherwise I’d burn through it all just downloading these videos to watch later (which raises another problem – I don’t know when I will get around to watching these videos!!).

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