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It occurred to me that I haven’t mentioned a business networking group I belong to and which currently assists over 2 500 business in South Africa.  Business Warriors was started by author and entrepreneur, Peter Carruthers quite some time ago to help businesses survive the many challenges that face them on a day to day basis.  Much of Peter’s work is drawn from his own painful experiences:

Why your own business is such a bad investment:
You borrow R100,000 today…
At current overdraft interest rates
To invest in stock exchange shares
Where 96% of investors lose all their money over 10 years…
As well as lose their homes
And lose everything else they have acquired during their lifetimes…
And will ever acquire in the future.
Sounds like a heck of an investment, doesn’t it? Yet statistics guarantee that this is the quality of investment we business warriors make – each time we start a small business. What are we thinking…?
If a listed company were to cause this kind of pain there’d be outrage in the financial media. Yet we smaller business players experience this every day. Despite these terrifying figures we’re assured that we’re the backbone of the economy. And nobody says a word about the financial carnage.
What YOU can do about it right now.
With figures this frightful, you’d think that there is no hope. That’s not true. I’d like to share 6 simple ideas with you. These powerful concepts guarantee that your business CANNOT fail without your OK. And if you CHOOSE to close your business at any point, these strategies will ensure that you personally cannot lose any money. When you apply these practical plans to your life, you’re guaranteeing that you won’t ever lose your home, nor can you lose your life assets.
I guess by now you’re about to move on – because you just know that I have made an impossible claim. Please bear with me for a few moments while I explain…
My name is Peter Carruthers and you’re wondering how I can make these outrageous claims, and how on earth I can know all these entrepreneurial secrets – that nobody else is sharing?
In 1992 I closed a very successful data communications business. At least it was successful until our bankers decided to get out of lending money to technology firms! And this happened while the South African economy collapsed during massive political upheaval.
When the firm closed I began to learn how the business game in South Africa is really played. I learned:

  • why liquidators always get appalling values on the assets
  • why banks don’t care
  • and why you have to care
  • why banks want your personal sureties
  • why banks never return old sureties
  • why a single personal surety will often cost your life savings
  • which personal sureties will cost your next 10 years of income
  • why your professional ‘advisors’ won’t share this information with you
  • why there is no support for you when things go wrong
  • and why being married in community of property is so dangerous for an entrepreneur.

A dynamic community has sprung up and is centered on a members-only forum where business owners and entrepreneurs can exchange ideas on a range of topics and from a variety of perspectives.

A focal point of Peter’s work is his Crashproof Your Business seminar which contains hard hitting and essential information designed to educate South African business owners about all the pitfalls which have sunk many businesses before them.

Whether you are facing a catastrophe or about to start something amazing, visit Business Warriors and take advantage of the wealth of information and knowledge available through the forum.  The cost of this is R171 per month (including VAT) which I have found to be more than worth it.

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