Podcast your way to a job

Kevin over at Lexblog was kind enough to link to me in response to my last post about how law firms should consider podcasting for various reasons.  He also made a pretty good suggestion for law students (and perhaps anyone) struggling to find a job: create a podcast of your own:

South African attorney, Paul Jacobson, commented that perhaps in the States there’s a shortage of new grads for law firms, but in South Africa students are having great difficulty finding positions after they complete their studies.
In that case, a good approach by recent law grads would be to do their own podcast(s). As a law firm recruiter, I wouldn’t forget that student. A well done podcast could provide law student a leg up.
Don’t focus on how great you are as a recent grad. Possible brief podcasts could cover recent cases in the area of law you would like to practice or commenting on legal issues in the news, again the area you want to practice. Go a step further, and into dicey waters, and comment on particular law firm developments you see on firm web sites or legal periodicals. Maybe even a podcast on how the firm could use a blog and/or podcasts to further enhance their reputation in a practice area.

Good advice, thanks Kevin (and thanks for the link).

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