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I was looking around the FreshBooks website after reading the post I mentioned the other day and I realised that this site is also the shop front of a billing system that runs off the website.  If you are a solo business owner or small business owner and are looking for a timesheet and invoicing system that you can easily customise and use then FreshBooks may be the answer.

I created a trial account and played around with a couple features and there were a few that I really liked.  For one thing this system allows you to localise your invoices so you could bill in South African Rands and use whatever address details you choose.  It is as if you are invoicing using a local software package.  Another feature is the ability to customise the look and feel of your invoices by uploading your company logo to be added to invoices that are emailed or posted (on this note you can have invoices sent out using ground based post although I am not sure if this is limited to the United States).

The pricing isn’t too bad.  There is a free version for a maximum of 3 clients and thereafter the prices range from $14 per month (for up to 25 clients) to $39 per month (for up to 1 000 clients) and options to build custom packages for more than 1 000 customers.  It even looks like you can customise a package to suit your needs.

The functionality of the service is pretty impressive.  You could basically run a small business’s timekeeping, invoicing and even document sharing using a pretty cost effective service.

In short, this is worth a look.  Try it out and see for yourself and perhaps let me know what you think?

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