“Blogs as lead indicators”

I have subscribed to podcasts published by The Economist and have been listening to a couple old podcasts that were part of a survey conducted by The Economist on new media. The one interview was with Chris Anderson, author of The Long Tail. The one I have have found most interesting so far was the interview with David Sifry, founder of Technorati.

In this interview, Sifry talked about the ways blogs have become part of a company’s public face, whether that company has a blog or not, and how blogs have become pretty good indicators of how a company is perceived on the Web and in the blogosphere in particular. If anyone is interested in how important blogs are to a business and how they can be of benefit (one thing Sifry recommends is for a company to be honest in its interactions with customers, particularly on the Web), listen to this podcast. You can also subscribe to the podcast through the iTunes Music Store.

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