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This must be a sign of how blogging is becoming mainstream in the United States.  Kimberly A. Kralowec, an unlawful competition lawyer in California, referred to an article in The National Law Journal which mentioned the focus and constant updates of many legal blogs as being of tremendous appeal to the legal community as a whole.  One big advantage of the blogosphere is that there are many blogs which focus on very specific areas and which can prove to be tremendously informative.

3L Epiphany, another American blog, has a post detailing cases which cite blogs as references.  This represents a departure from the usual position where judges refer to textbooks and scholarly papers in journals and a new era where individual legal blogs could be afforded similar recognition.

As with any trend overseas, I wonder if and when this trend will take root in South Africa.  A good starting point would be a growth in the local legal blogging community which is pretty small.

(Source: Lexblog)

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