Survivor South Africa …

Survivor South Africa is about to start here and the setting is Panama.  When I heard about this show (the SA version) my first thought was why we need a Survivor when we experience the phenomenon every day!  My second thought is not mentionable and my third had something to do with the contestants who seem to be comprised, at least in part, of models and other personalities.

Cherryflava‘s new magazine blog, JetStreaker (a magazine for richer and more important people than you and I) has a post on the new show.  In addition there are a number of Survivor blogs and sites which you can spend days on, just catching up and reviewing all the gossip.  If I were really on the ball I would probably have started a Survivor SA blog ages ago but I am just not that big a fan.

If, on the other hand, you are a huge fan, be sure to visit these blogs to keep up to date on the goings on in Panama:






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