Use my iPod for what?

I participated in a presentation the other day to an executive of a bank.  The presentation gave this executive a high level overview of a project we (my colleagues and I) would like to develop and launch as a fairly exciting business.  That basically lit a fire in me to develop more projects with a view to launching new ventures.  It is quite an exciting process and way outside my usual frame of reference.

Anyway, the reason for this post is more that I came across a post on Micro Persuasion that talks about how an iPod can be used as a backup to give a presentation if your laptop and other safeguards die.  As Steve Rubel puts it:

Many readers of this blog work in PR or marketing or for Web 2.0 related start-ups. This means you spend a lot of time preparing presentations in either Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote. What’s more, you probably also invest hours rehearsing and traveling to and from various meetings. Oh and if I were a betting man I’d say you carry an iPod. Well, whether you are on Windows or Mac with a few simple steps you can turn your iPod (even an older one) into the ultimate PowerPoint accessory. I am going to focus on PowerPoint here since it’s what most people use. The process is similar for Keynote.

One funky piece of software that you can use for this purpose is iPresent It which I have downloaded and am going to try out.

I also flipped over to Presentation Zen and watched a short video showing how this is actually done.  I am pretty excited about this and want to start putting presentations together so I can try this out.  The one catch is that I don’t own a projector.  I don’t suppose anyone has suggestions for a projector that works with a Mac and perhaps has the necessary ports for AV input?

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