New natural remedies business launches

A husband and wife team has launched a natural remedies business based on Aloe Ferox remedies in Johannesburg.  According to the Ilessa website:

Ilian and Vanessa have been searching for years for the right opportunity – one that would help people in terms of improving their health and quality of life, or enable them to make a bit of money on the side to support their incomes, or even to simply be able to start their own sales business. Additionally, the products had to be safe, effective and produce outstanding results – and have no bad side-effects.

They never gave up, knowing that something was out there to fulfill this dream. In 2006, the opportunity arrived and Ilian and Vanessa grabbed it with both hands, registered the company and hence the business was born.

Aloe Dew is one product produced by their friend, Maria Smith. Maria is also able to make anything, from body and bath products to medication, in her laboratories where the products are created and clinically tested.

Zora Touch My Skin, one of Maria’s product ranges, belongs to a lady named Nancy Parris. Ilessa is the sole distributor of the amazing Zora Touch product range in South Africa.

An interesting fact about Vanessa is that she has almost total hearing loss in both ears and in recognition of the plight she shares with so many South Africans, Ilessa will donate 10% of its profits towards South Africa’s Cochlear Implant Fund.  For many who have little or no hearing a cochlear implant is the only real chance to regain hearing but the costs remain prohibitively high.  Supporting Ilessa is also your opportunity to support this worthy cause.






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