Are you an accidental or habitual entrepreneur?

52 Reviews is a blog I came across while browsing the Problogger Job Board.  At first I thought this blog was just a web/blog development site and I was pleasantly surprised to see that there are some pretty interesting posts in this blog that professes to contain "resources for risk-takers".

The one post caught my attention as I was scrolling down the page and it is titled "Accidental vs. Habitual Entrepreneurs" and describes what each type of entrepreneur is and some of the differences between them:

Accidental: This person will do something he/she enjoys doing, with no ambition to start a company. This activity they enjoy doing becomes popular and they are presented with a way to monetize, and end up doing it full time. …

Habitual: This person’s sole goal is to own a business. Sometimes they don’t even care for what the business does, as long as its a good company and they care for the business goals. They will start many businesses, have most of them fail, but never give up. …

To read more, read the post.  I found it to be an interesting post and look forward to catching up on some of the older posts as well as reading new content.

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