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Clive Simpkins makes a good point that I certainly forget at times.  He argues that rather than seeing your products or services as your brand, you should take a good look in the mirror.  You are your brand, not your products and services.  In fact, not only are you the brand, but so are your employees.  It goes a little beyond dressing well when you are vying for business in the world and encompasses how you behave generally.  Simpkins tells the story about a business owner who simply refused to own up and pay for her employee’s negligence and the impact that had on his perception of her brand.

How often have you come across someone you regard as dynamic and innovative and someone you’d love to do business with until you see that person in the local coffee shop or Spar shouting at the waiter/cashier for no reason or acting like a complete shrub?  Or, on the other hand, have you come across someone you admire only to find that person is even more inspiring in very ordinary circumstances.  How did you feel about doing business with that person after those two types of encounters?  Still want to deal with that person?

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