Interview with Chris Anderson

The blogosphere is abuzz with talk about Chris Anderson’s book, “The Long Tail“. I have mentioned this book already and now Six Apart has published a transcript of the interview with Anderson a short while ago. I missed the Skypecast and found the interview fascinating. I love the collaborative growth of the concept of the long tail into a book that Anderson describes in the interview:

Broadly, I posted half-baked ideas and my smart readers helped me bake them further. I shared data, analysis, theories, and examples and got a load of feedback, between comments, trackbacks and emails. The most interesting part for me was that people found resonances that I had never thought of. Readers who were interested in clothes explained why the “crafting” movement was the “long tail of fashion” and people who were into the drinks industry explained how microbrews were the “long tail of beer.” Collectively, they helped me make the book far better than it would have been otherwise.

I just noticed the interview is available for download on the Everything TypePad blog here.






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