You don’t often see a lawyer argue for marijuana possession

I came across what is basically an advertorial for an American defence attorney by the name of Allison Margolin.  Here is a little bit of information about her:

Allison Margolin went from Columbia to Harvard and graduated in 2002. She’s the daughter of Bruce Margolin, the director of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, also an attorney. As a criminal defense attorney, Bruce M. Margolin has successfully defended thousands of clients, including such notables as Dr. Timothy Leary, in all types of cases from marijuana to murder.

Bruce Margolin was a candidate for Governor of California in the 2003 recall and was one of the top vote-getters among 135 candidates for the governorship, on a platform of legalizing marijuana as a way to help solve the state’s budget crisis. Allison Margolin ran for city council in Beverly Hills on a platform to “legalize the growing of marijuana locally” — what was she smokin’?

Allison Margolin is a criminal defense attorney.

Her advertorial has shown up on YouTube and makes for interesting watching:

To me this video represents a shift in the way lawyers start to market themselves.  Granted the rules governing advertising may be a little more restrictive in South Africa but I wonder when attorneys may start marketing themselves through relatively inexpensive videos and audio spots embedded in blogs, websites and even feeds.

I do doubt, however, that you’ll see local attorneys using drugs as a central theme in their marketing material for a while though.

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