New version of Skype for the Mac

Skype has launched a new version of Skype for the Mac.  It is currently in beta and is version 1.5.  The look and feel of the new client is a little different and more Mac than the last version.  It takes a few minutes just to see where everything is.  The balance remaining in your account is now at the top of the panel and the toolbar options are not immediately available in the default toolbar (I basically added all my options back).


There doesn’t seem to be support for video conferencing just yet or the ability to record a conversation you have with someone.  I am also not so sure that this version supports Skypecasts which are starting to pop up more and more in the blogosphere.  I may be wrong about that.  The Skype website indicates that version 1.4 and above are required for Skypecasts.

This version is also supposed to integrate better with Address Book and Entourage’s address book.  If you use either or both of these address books, you can search them to add contacts to your Skype contact list.

In all, it is quite a nice facelift and I am looking forward to playing with it and testing is capabilities.

(via TechCrunch)

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