It was bound to happen

YouTube is a little unhappy with porn on its site so it was bound to happen that a video sharing site would pop up to service the huge need for free porn on the Web.  This service goes by the name of, surprise surprise, PornoTube.  Access to the site is free but you have to be a registered member to be able to embed content in your own blogs and play with all the social media stuff on the back end.  Like YouTube, PornoTube supports tagging and gives you info on the number of views videos have had and which videos are top rated.  The content is divided up into straight and gay content and you can browse either category or both, depending on your tastes.

I am a little surprised it has taken so long for this site to pop up and not at all surprised that it has.

The content on the site is not limited to videos.  There are photos and audio files as well, enough to guarantee hours and hours of fun.

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One response to “It was bound to happen

  1. Pornotube avatar

    not a big surprise to be honest, everyone know it would happen

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