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Just a short time after AOL unveils a very Digg-like Netscape, Digg is due to launch version 3.0 of its service on 27 June.  I am quite excited about this new version of Digg mainly because of the new categories that are going to be introduced.  According to TechCrunch:

In addition to a redesign (that retains the essential Digg “experience??), Digg is adding a number of news categories beyond technology. Topics are grouped into six “containers??, including technology, entertainment, gaming, science, world & business, and online video. The default view on Digg is still the technology container, although users can change that view and can also deselect individual topics within containers to further refine what they see on the home page.

These changes virtually pale in comparison to the host of other functionality changes that will be introduced in the new version.  I am looking forward to the new site and to using Digg even more than I do at the moment.

Here is a screenshot of the new site.  It looks pretty funky:

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