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With all the recent excitement in the intellectual property sphere about disregard for companies’ intellectual property rights by Chinese companies, a blog like the China Law Blog is a tremendously useful blog to add to your bookmarks.

China Law Blog focuses on business law in China. It is written by Dan Harris, an international lawyer based in the United States and Steve Dickinson, an international lawyer based in China. Dan and Steve are both members of Harris & Moure, pllc, a boutique International Law Firm.

A recent post looks at innovation in China and the challenges China faces as businesses try to innovate.  It makes for very interesting reading:

China’s government recognizes China’s innovation problem, but I have seen little evidence indicting it understands the role its education system must play in solving that problem.  I have seen even less evidence of a willingness to encourage the free thought necessary for innovation.  The Chinese government has proven its adeptness at driving economic change, but it remains to be seen whether it can step far enough out of the way to allow innovation to develop and to flourish.

For those interested in reading more, Business Week blogger, Bruce Nussbaum, has an interesting take on this article, in his post, “Innovation in China.”

This blog should be part of your daily reading if you do business in China.

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