Six Apart’s Vox has a preview site

Six Apart‘s new service, Vox, has a preview site up which a bit of information about the new service.  So what is this new service that is due to launch later this year?

Vox is a new personal blogging service. It’s all about ease of use, privacy control, playing well with other web services, and staying connected to the people you care about.

So far, there doesn’t seem to be anything markedly different from a number of similar services.  Vox seems to be close to the Yahoo! 360 service which also allows users to customise who can view different content.  It introduces a social networking element to blogging as well as other ‘Web 2.0’ elements such as tagging and media sharing.  I was really hoping that Vox would be a series of enhancements to Six Apart’s existing services, such as TypePad.

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