TypePad partners with FeedBurner

TechCrunch has reported that TypePad has struck a deal with FeedBurner to make it much easier for TypePad users to switch their default feeds across to FeedBurner feeds:

Feedburner and TypePad will announce a partnership on Thursday that will allow TypePad users to automatically redirect their existing TypePad RSS feed into Feedburner. Until now, if a TypePad user wanted to transfer RSS subscribers to a Feedburner RSS feed (and take advantage of Feedburner stats for those subscribers), each subscriber to the old feed would be required to change their subscription to the new feed. Since subscribers have little incentive to do this, many Feedburner publishers end up managing multiple RSS feeds over time. This partnership will save them the hassle of doing that.

The benefit, as any FeedBurner user will know, is that you can then track your readership and know a lot more about what your subscribers are interested in using FeedBurner.  This is another reason I enjoy using TypePad.  The people at Six Apart give their users useful stuff they want and that means a lot to me.

You can read TypePad’s announcement here.

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