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Just when I was beginning to think there will always be something to grouch about with our Department of Communications, the Minister has made a series of very encouraging comments and issued a series of directives that lead me to believe that she is starting to do her job!  According to MyADSL:

Government’s department of communications (DoC) has made a number of key pronouncements with regard to enabling a freer telecommunications market in South Africa.

These include a commitment to local loop unbundling, self provision of international traffic and the fast implementation of the new Electronic Communications Act.

The DoC will also use state-owned signal distributor Sentech to build an extensive wireless broadband network.

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  1. Disse omfatter en forpligtelse til at ubundtet adgang til abonnentledninger, selvstændig bestemmelse i international trafik og hurtig gennemførelse af de nye Electronic Communications Act.

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