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I have been using Plaxo for some time now to keep up to date with people in my address book.  Plaxo is a web-based service that enables you to upload your address book to the Plaxo website and to link to other users of the service who are in your address book and to remain updated with their latest contact details as and when they update their contact details.  The service is useful for a few reasons.  First, you have an online and up-to-date backup of your address book which you can access from any point with access to the Web.  The more useful benefit is that when one of your contacts updates his/her address details, your address book will be updated almost automatically.  You will also link automatically to any of your contacts who use Plaxo.

The idea behind this service seems to be that you can stop constantly checking whose contact details have changed and updating your address book.  There is even a service available where you can request updates from people in your address book and who are not Plaxo members.  Those changes from those people will be incorporated into your address book automatically.  Yet another valuable feature is the ability to determine who can view your business and/or personal cards.

In all, this is a pretty useful service and it is worth trying it out.  I believe the basic product is free too!

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