Ster Kinekor’s website … oh my hat!

Apparently Ster Kinekor has a new website.  The previous version only barely worked more often than it hung and stopped doing much more than wasting loads of time.  I was quite excited when I heard from one of my friends that there is a new website.  Unfortunately this new website is even worse than its predecessor.  It is slow and when I manage to load it I’ll comment on the rest of the site’s functionality.

This new site runs on ASP and uses Macromedia Flash.  It doesn’t exactly excite me about ASP installations.  Whatever happened to a simple and clean installation that foregoes the fancy, flashy graphics and instead just works?

I used the site this weekend to book movie tickets and the main issue I had with the site is that it seemed to forget what I was doing halfway through the process of booking my seats.  I picked my seats and clicked on the button to proceed and found myself back at the home page.  It was pretty annoying.  The site did work reasonably fast on my ADSL connection but when I accessed the site the first time to write this original post I was using my mobile phone to connect and it was unbearably slow.

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