Futurex 2006

I took myself off to the Futurex (and other) expo at the Sandton Convention centre yesterday for a look-see.  I have been going to this expo since it was the Computer Faire and had way more cool stuff.  I took my PowerBook with me in case there was an open wifi hotspot (not that I found) and took a walk, armed with my enormous bag they give you at the entrance.  It wasn’t that exciting for me.  There was quite a bit of cool stuff there, particularly at the Samsung stall, but nothing I’d really rave about.

I see that Mark Forrester was there the other day and had the guts to take a photo of the pretty lasses at the Flybook stall (I chickened out).  That part was quite exciting although I suspect the fact that I circled the stall half a dozen times gave me away.

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