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Google launched Google Trends recently and it looks like quite a useful tool for marketers and bloggers.  Using Trends you can run searches on terms or phrases that you may use in your blog’s metadata or, as Darren Rowse suggests, to narrow down a niche for a new blog.  No doubt there are many more uses for this tool that may come to you.  There are a few useful features on the site.  The most obvious element is the graph depicting the volume of searches on those terms and phrases:


Each letter corresponds with an event that sparked interest in the particular search term.  Each search term has a different colour.  Other elements include a graph which shows you which countries tend to search for which terms more often as well as which regions and languages the search terms are most popular in.  At the moment the list of countries you can search by is limited.


This really is a useful tool which I am sure I will be using more often.

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(via and Techcrunch)

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