Boxes everywhere …

Well, the move is almost upon us and there are boxes everywhere.  My amazing wife has packed up much of the flat already and the only room left to pack is my office.  Accordingly I will probably close down on Friday afternoon to finish off whatever I don’t manage to pack before then.

As I pointed out in my post announcing the move, I will be offline and without a landline until Telkom moves my line across to the new house so please call me on my mobile phone if you need to reach me.  I will still be able to receive faxes and emails (I’ll just have to spend some time at some wifi hotspots for a little while) so no worries there.  All my contact details are on the right.

I have just been informed that my lines will be moved on the 24th so I should be back up and running around then.  Just in time for month-end.

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