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I have this unfortunate tendency to be painfully indecisive when I am not in a situation requiring an important decision to be made pretty quickly.  It tends to happen when I walk into a coffee shop where there are too many tables available or when there are simply too many choices of pastry at the bakery.  It bugs the heck out of me and anyone I am with.  Sadly this tendency manifests itself when I consider the many excellent content management systems that are available to run a site these days.  Two CMS’s that are on my mind at the moment are MovableType and WordPressDrupal is a close third lately.

Imagine my dismay when I came across this pretty excellent post in which MovableType is compared to WordPress by Mike Rundle.  I won’t spoil the fun for you and rehash Rundle’s comments on both MovableType and WordPress.  I’ll leave that for you to read.  I will, however, pop your balloon with his verdict:

It seems to me that unless Six Apart really gets its act together and revitalizes the entire Movable Type application, codebase, and community, new bloggers will no longer use MT but will use WordPress instead, a change that’s already happening. WP’s active development and range of free blog themes to choose from are extremely inviting to new bloggers. I know that a very nice WP admin theme is currently brewing so we’ll have to see if it can live up to the standard that MT has set.

None of this helps me at all.  That is probably why I run blogs using MovableType, WordPress and TypePad.  I may just move one of my other sites across to Drupal too …

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