Kate Moss and the Nikon Coolpix S6

Cherryflava has pointed out the new ad featuring Kate Moss, more Kate Moss and … um, oh yeah, the Nikon Coolpix S6 digital camera.  The ad has made it to YouTube and certainly gets me excited about the camera.

Nikon Coolpix S6

As for the camera itself, here are some of the specs from one of the Nikon sites:

  1. 6.0 megapixel resolution means sharp pictures, even when significantly enlarged
  2. 3x Zoom-Nikkor lens (35mm equivalent), covering the key photographic range of 35 to 105mm.
  3. High resolution 3.0" LCD monitor with a protective acrylic panel that simplifies image composition and playback, leaving you free to enjoy the moment.
  4. Built in Wi-Fi enables you to send pictures to your computer as soon as they are taken, or to store them in your memory card and then transfer them later to your computer or directly to a compatible printer with the optional Wireless Printer Adapter PD-10 – all without the need for wires and cables.
  5. PictMotion by muvee built-in slideshow lets you share your photos in a new imaginative and entertaining way. Simply select a range of images, pick a style and choose your soundtrack. There are 5 pre-installed music files, or you can load your own music (mp3) via an SD card. Your Pictmotion slideshow will be produced automatically for you to view on your camera or on the TV via the included COOL-STATION.
  6. In-camera COOLPIX technologies. Face-priority AF*automatically locates and focuses on people’s faces ensuring superb, crisply focused portraits. *Face-recognition capability may be limited in some conditions. D-Lighting rescues underexposed images by improving brightness and picture detail where needed, while leaving correctly exposed areas just as they are. In-Camera Red-Eye Fix analyzes each image and automatically finds and corrects any accidental red-eye, which can occur in flash photography.
  7. One-Touch Portrait button, which gives you direct access to the in-camera technologies.
  8. Auto image rotation: This new feature rotates pictures that have been taken vertically, saving time when reviewing images on the camera or computer screen.
  9. High-quality audio with new, optimized loudspeaker enhances playback clarity and is especially useful when viewing your PictMotion slideshows on your camera.
  10. 15 scene modes, 4 with scene mode assist automatically provide the appropriate settings for everything from party portraits to fireworks at night.
  11. Approx. 20MB internal memory let you keep shooting even without SD card in the camera.
  12. Swift start-up: less than one second from power-on until the camera is ready for use.
  13. Calendar Function: groups and orders your pictures by date for easy and fast image selection.
  14. Date Search Function that allows you to search for recorded images according to the date they were taken.
  15. Multi-lingual menu (20 languages).

It looks like a pretty cool camera although I would have liked to have a better optical zoom for some distance shots.  I love the screen on the back of the camera.  I am using an old 2 megapixel camera at the moment and it can be a little frustrating squinting into the little screen on the back of the camera.  This camera goes for about R3 700 on kalahari.net.

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  1. Cherryflava avatar

    Overall – it looks like a fairly good buy.

  2. Cherryflava avatar

    Overall – it looks like a fairly good buy.

  3. Cherryflava avatar

    Overall – it looks like a fairly good buy.

  4. Cherryflava avatar

    Overall – it looks like a fairly good buy.

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