Audi Q7 – the Apple of the automotive world


Guy Kawasaki has published a review of the Audi Q7 SUV.  I couldn’t possibly afford this car for many years (unless everyone bands together and clicks on every monetised link on this blog every day and even then, maybe) but if I could, I would seriously consider this one, despite the high petrol price.

Nice car!  I especially like the part of the review where he compares Audi to Apple:

I feel a kinship with Audi because it is the Apple of car manufacturers: great products, small market share, and a history marred by irrational scares (“unintended acceleration” and “Apple’s going to die”). Buying some German cars shows how much you make. Buying some computers shows…well, let’s not go there.  Buying an Audi or a Macintosh shows how much you know.

At this point in my life any comparison of a non-computer/mp3 player product with Apple gets my attention.  That is the power of branding and my general affection for all things named after the fruit that got Adam and Eve kicked out of the Garden of Eden.

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