Marketers rely on you being below average

Well, half of you anyway.  Mass marketing is really marketing for the lower common denominator, people who are, for the most part, below average and who are unremarkable.  On the other hand, niche marketing has the luxury of focussing on the exceptional, so says Seth Godin

It probably helps tremendously if you are clear in your own mind which market you are pitching your product or service to before you start.  It you make the next best thing since razor blades, aim low.  That way you are less likely to miss.  Otherwise, aim high.  You may have a smaller chance of actually hitting someone but if you do, it will be worth the effort.

Average may bring you the bucks but is that what you are content to settle for?  The lower common denominator?  Average?  Mediocrity?

I choose the truly stellar stuff with all the amazing potential that goes with it.  Now if only I could pay the rent …

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