$10 000 a day from AdSense

Stories like this really tick me off (in a green and envious way).  A dating website called PlentyofFish earns its owner $10 000 per day in AdSense earnings alone and this figure may already have been eclipsed.  According to 2web Crew:

Markus is a one man show, earning $10,000 a day from Google’s Adsense. In fact, he mentioned after the show that that number is now dated. We discuss his business, how he runs it on only several Window’s systems (Microsoft’s perfect advertisement), Adsense, SEO’s getting into web sites development, his web design (or lack of), and the normal question about whether it’s a good time to start a web business.

The site isn’t anything spectacular and yet it is tremendously successful.  To me, this is a clear illustration of the point that you really don’t need all the bells and whistles to have a successful site.  What you need is a service that other people want and that does the job.  The rest is fluff.  The 2web Crew podcast episode in which they interview Markus is apparently pretty good.  I am going to download it and listen for myself.

(Shameless self-promotion follows …)

This blog isn’t the fanciest blog around and yet it does the job quite nicely, I think.  I think it would be great if my AdSense ads were so successful that I was earning $10 000 per day.  As I said, I think it would be great if … 😉

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