Reasons to stop blogging

Vaspers the Grate has published seven reasons to stop blogging.  Here are the first four reasons:

(1) You’re posting only boring, trivial, personal crap…and your writing style is dull as you do it.

(2) You’re so desperate for attention, so sleazy, and so unintelligent…you post nude photos of yourself.

(3) You post inflammatory posts just for shock value (hoping to attract readers), with titles like “Microsoft Sucks”, “I’m sick of Google”, “Outing myself as a _________”, or “I’d kill myself but that would please too many of you morons”.

(4) You decide to try to copy the eccentric or idiosyncratic business models of Post Secret, Weblogsinc., Federated Media Publishing, Boing Boing, Doc Searls, Seth Godin, PhotoMatt, or other successful, inimitable bloggers and ventures.

It is quite a funny list actually.

(via Doc Searls)

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