Did Project Comet burn up in the atmosphere?

200605011156Six Apart, makers of TypePad, MovableType and owners of LiveJournal, announced that it would introduce the next generation in blogging called Project Comet.  I am pretty sure it was supposed to be out at the beginning of this year and there has been very little since then.  ZDNet posted an article on this last year by Richard MacManus where he says the following:

Project Comet is an ambitious move to develop "the next generation blogging platform", but one that is necessary for Six Apart to undertake in order to stay competitive. They don’t have the sheer bulk of a Microsoft or Google or Yahoo, so they need to innovate. Good luck to them. As a fan and user of Movable Type, I for one am looking forward to seeing Project Comet hit the earth with a bang sometime next year.

So, nu Six Apart?  Where is the Comet?

Om Malik has reported that Project Comet is now called "Vox".  He seems to indicate that Vox is an additional service that Six Apart will be offering along with TypePad and LiveJournal.  I was under the impression Vox would be an evolution of those new technologies.

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