Incredulous! That is the word.

I think I have avoided the daily updates in the Zuma rape trial because the more I hear the more incredulous I become.  It is hard to believe that intelligent people can come up with some of the notions that have been expressed in this trial.  The following factors serve to undermine the credibility of the complainant, according to Zuma’s counsel, Advocate Kemp J Kemp:

The woman walked around Zuma’s house as a guest wearing only a  wrap and no underwear.They had a definite sexually-charged conversation about the unsuitability of younger men and her lack of a boyfriend.She had been raped, on her version, at least four times, so it was unlikely that she failed to see the signals.There was no suggestion that she was injured. In fact, Zuma himself stood a greater risk of injury given her HIV-positive status.She was close to his weight and she had shown the court that she was assertive.

With Zuma’s insistence that the motivation for the allegation of rape is political and designed to prevent Zuma from becoming President, I hope that, whatever the outcome, the court arrives at a proper decision based on persuasive facts.  If the judgment is vague it will fuel the fires on either side and the true victim of this trial will go unnoticed.Technorati Tags: ,

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