I’m moving …


We are moving to a new house on 13 May and with that comes a new home office space for me.  I don’t anticipate any major disruption in my practice as we are moving over a weekend.  I do, however, anticipate a delay in having my phone line moved and this will mean an interruption in my landline and ADSL service.  This move will not affect my fax line (which is a fax to email service), my email accounts or my mobile phone so you will still be able to reach me.

I will post updates here around the time of the move so make a note of this post if you want to keep up to date on my move.

This move means bigger office space, meeting facilities and upgraded data services so I am pretty excited about the whole thing.  It also means my puppies will have a garden to play in all day and that means very happy puppies and a good feeling all around.

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