ive been serching the web and looking at all these ass holes commetns about mark ecko and his so called hoax,

dont you all get it?

thay did have to land the plaine in virgina, and that was how mark got to it, it was a regular turminal so sicurity was high but only good for a cavillan amarican air line plain, wich is why the plain was there for a short pieriod of time.

if this was a regular person, the goverment would either shoot him or hunt him down and arrest him, but thay cant becus its mark ecko, who has millons of pepole awar of his freedom of speach documentry and meny other things.

but becus of all the grafittist out there and all these things on the web, the goverment cant really do anything to mark becus everybodys going to finde out. this could lead to bad situations.
there for there leaving ecko alone since hes a very well known person.

becus of this

there are meny lies going out saying that this was all a hoax,

bull shit,
the govorment is trying to give pepole the thought that

“aww it was fun wile it lastid, but a pretty good hoax”
” this shit aint real, theres no way a person can get that close to the presidents plain!!”

and thats exactly what there doing,
and its working,
mark ecko made these legal rights at the bottom of his page stating that it was all fake, http://www.stillfree.com

but again, hese trying to save his ass and also to support the govoment cover this up as a hoax

there is a lot of pressure and pepole will know evry bit of what happens to ecko, wich is why hes is still probly alive and not in jail

its all true

i hope that pepole can or will be awar of what i am saying.

*whe are “still free”*