Oops! Site fixed now.

For a while this site didn’t display properly in Internet Explorer.  My first thought was to blame Microsoft’s browser for this problem and it turns out I didn’t close an html tag properly so mea culpa.  My apologies to those people who use Internet Explorer.  The font size is still a bit off and I know there are still a number of minor issues with the page’s code so I’ll attend to those as soon as possible and that will hopefully sort that issue out.

I will take this opportunity to recommend that visitors to my site download and try Mozilla Firefox, a next generation browser that is, in my humble opinion, better than Internet Explorer.  To download Firefox, click on the image below.

Either way, I appreciate all visitors to my site, no matter which browser you use.  I will strive to make my site browser independent so you don’t have to change anything if you don’t want to.

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