Did an airplane really strike the Pentagon on 9/11?


After watching the video on this site I am not so sure.  If the footage is accurate and complete then it appears that the Pentagon was hit with a missile or missiles on 9/11 rather than by a Boeing jet.  So the questions are what became of the plane (was there really a plane); why is the Pentagon covering it up (if they are covering something up) and what really happened that day?

According to the 9/11 research site:

Where the Pentagon was hit in the assault of 9/11/01 is without question: a portion of the building’s west block which was undergoing an extensive renovation. Despite the interesting implications of this fact, it has been eclipsed by the ongoing controversy among skeptics of the official story by questions of what caused the damage — controversy spawned by the lack of public evidence about the Pentagon attack, and mysteries surrounding the fate of Flight 77, the Boeing 757 that’s supposed to have hit the Pentagon. Absent from the public record are photographs or videos of anything like a 757 approaching the Pentagon. Photographs taken immediately after the crash show that neither large pieces nor significant quantities of wreckage remained outside the building. The idea that nearly all the remains of the 80-ton aircraft disappeared into the building strikes many people as problematic because the punctured walls of the initial damage to the building do not include regions where the ends of the wings and the vertical tail section would have impacted, nor do they show signs of scoring by these parts.

On the other hand, a large number of eyewitness accounts describe a large jetliner approaching the Pentagon and crashing into it. A number of these eyewitnesses expressed shock and disbelief at how the jetliner had seemingly vanished in the wake of the crash.

To some observers, the lack of obvious crash debris outside the building following the attack, the lack of an impact impression closely matching the profile of a 757, and the suppression of videos and photographs that may have shown the approach of the attack plane and its remains inside the building were red flags indicating that the attack involved some entirely different type of aircraft, or no aircraft at all. Others found the eyewitness evidence for the crash of a jetliner far too substantial to be dismissed. Thus a dialectic was created, largely along the lines of people embracing no-jetliner theories on the basis of photographs and the absence of evidence, and people rejecting these theories as distractions on the basis of the eyewitness evidence.

The position of 9-11 Research on this issue has evolved over time, as described in the essay The Pentagon No-757-Crash Theory: Booby Trap for 9/11 Skeptics . Three key aspects of this evolution were:

    * A re-evalution of claims that the Pentagon’s damage precluded the crash of a 757

Close examination of eyewitness accounts the claims that they lack credibility

Observations of how the Pentagon no-jetliner theories have been used to discredit questioning of the government’s account of the attack

Freedomfiles.org has published an analysis as well that is revealing:

The following Analysis is primarily focused on the outside of the Pentagon. When one takes this evidence alone it is very conclusive that a AA 757 did not hit the Pentagon. However there are some unconfirmed photographic evidence of wreckage of a 757 within the Pentagon itself, which does support the Official Story in so far that a AA 757 did hit the Pentagon.

A CNN Reporter at the scene states that there is no evidence that a 757 hit the Pentagon. Watch this video clip:

CNN: ‘No evidence of a plane crashing anywhere near the Pentagon’

I have found a good picture of the landing Gear on the Global Hawk and it’s wheel rims do not match the wheel rims of a 757. So much for the Global Hawk Theories. The wheel rim found in the wreckage more closely resembles one found on a 757, however there are some differences there too. The rim looks smaller, the color is different and there seems to be a missing indent that circles the rim near the edge of the rim. It may appear that it was torn off the rim though, thus further analysis on this must be done.

The simple fact that there are no wing marks on the Pentagon wall, the hole is too small for a 757 to fit through. Further the street light that was apparently knocked down by the Boeing 757 shows glass from the street lamp near by, thus a plane hitting it at 400 MPH whould have thrown the glass a very long distance as it would have shattered on impact. It is likely that the street light was blown just prior to the jet that shot a missile at the Pentagon flew in to make room for it in it’s flight path. See the picture of the taxi on the road with the street lamp beside it bellow. However as always it is only speculation as again they will not release the videos of what happened and you should ask what is it that they are trying to hide? They certainly had no problems releasing footage of the WTC and Flight 93, although Flight 93 was shot down once the passengers got control of the plane, they found the engine 5 miles away from the crash site.

So what really happened there and what happened to all of those people on that flight?

Take a look at the following links and decide for yourself:

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  1. Did an airplane really strike the Pentagon on 9/11?

    I’m not going to comment on the simple fact that there are (I believe) people out there that lost their loved ones on that plane. I leave it to you to form your own opinions. Link: Neuvo: Did an airplane

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    Did an airplane really strike the Pentagon on 9/11?

    I'm not going to comment on the simple fact that there are (I believe) people out there that lost their loved ones on that plane. I leave it to you to form your own opinions. Link: Neuvo: Did an airplane

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