SNO’s website contains a few hints

The Second National Operator (or “SNO”) has a website which contains a few clues as to what it intends doing in the next few years.  One hot topic is the provision of fast Internet access and this tantalising statement suggests that the SNO will provide faster access than is currently available from Telkom as well as VOIP capability:

“As the SNO expands its foot-print across the country in 2006-07, we plan to introduce a variety of retail services for the benefit of individual consumers. However, in order to ensure that the SNO customers experience nothing but the very best, we intend to roll-out our consumer services in stages, starting with basic voice telephony and Internet access in the major cities of South Africa. These services shall be available in with pre-paid as well as post-paid billing to suit the individual needs of each customer.

In due course, the SNO will also provide true broadband Internet access services with voice capabilities.” (emphasis added)

(via Nicci Ferguson)

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